Thursday, December 30, 2004

Stone Age CRM

My bank has installed a swanky token dispenser system which issues a number, makes you sit on cushioned chairs, displays the token on a screen above your head. I am not sure I like it so much. (Personally I prefer queues. I know if there are too many people, I walk out and come back some other time.)

Front desk executives do not wholly service requests by order. Then there are customers who just walk in, are not aware of the token system. Executives talk on their cellphones, on their work phones, all in all making it a miserable experience. My number refused to flash on screen since the desk was occupied by a neanderthal who had no idea what this system was and an executive who did not have the intelligence to tell him that.

Finally, when it was my turn, I was asked to change my address online, so my visit was a waste. Further enquiries about changing my addresss revealed some interesting facts.Even thought the same institution holds my bank account, share trading account, credit card and housing loan, in order to change my address, I had to respectively, submit a form, submit a proof of residence, call up and fill up another form. If I talk to one person, it simply aint enough.

So much for managing customer relationships.

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