Thursday, December 30, 2004

Stone Age CRM

My bank has installed a swanky token dispenser system which issues a number, makes you sit on cushioned chairs, displays the token on a screen above your head. I am not sure I like it so much. (Personally I prefer queues. I know if there are too many people, I walk out and come back some other time.)

Front desk executives do not wholly service requests by order. Then there are customers who just walk in, are not aware of the token system. Executives talk on their cellphones, on their work phones, all in all making it a miserable experience. My number refused to flash on screen since the desk was occupied by a neanderthal who had no idea what this system was and an executive who did not have the intelligence to tell him that.

Finally, when it was my turn, I was asked to change my address online, so my visit was a waste. Further enquiries about changing my addresss revealed some interesting facts.Even thought the same institution holds my bank account, share trading account, credit card and housing loan, in order to change my address, I had to respectively, submit a form, submit a proof of residence, call up and fill up another form. If I talk to one person, it simply aint enough.

So much for managing customer relationships.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Cash n Carry

There was a lot of hype about the Metro cash n carry model.
I do not know how they are doing, but I asked my grocer if he used their services. From what he said, he operates on credit,and he never has to carry. A dealer drives to his doorstep supplies him with stuff, on credit, takes back the unused goods.

How does Metro wean him away from this model?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Living in our cocoons

A sort of continuation to "What we are missing out on"
Ever so often we talk to the same kind of people, the same strata of people. That makes us live in a self delusion without ever getting the big picture of how people in different strata, industries live. My grocer is a person who gives me ideas I never thought about living in my regular cocoon. Will pen a few thoughts on my interactions with my grocer.

Multiple attachments

Been a while since I blogged, but got a lot of stuff to write about. We bought one of those "Unique to India" table top rice grinders. Theres a whole host of attachments alongwith it. A coconut grater and a dough kneader, both of which we are sure we will never use.
The coconut grater attachment has a get ready and put away time that competes with getting a coconut from a coconut tree. Our current "grating technology" works fine.
The atta kneader, if ever we get to using it, will be when we cook for a platoon. Hand kneading is right, yet!
We would be happier if they reduced the price and kept these useless attachments with themselves.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

What are we missing out on?

Many years ago, as a school kid, steam locomotives fascinated me. I am still reasonably fascinated by them, though they are now way down the list. Computers were just being introduced and I thought, how great it would be if my computer, could get me information on everything I wanted? I could just type in steam locomotives and I could see photos and information on all steam locomotives in the world instead of depending on dad to get that one book in the British Council Library. Today, on the net, it is possible, but back then, I had no clue if something like this had to work how it would work, I guess nobody did. "You dont know what you dont know" is a saying I read long back.

Creative ideas?

I was filling out a survey on where do you get your most creative ideas from ( and as I thought about it, I think I get my ideas when after working for a while on something, I detach myself and stop thinking and relax.
To me thats the greatest of idea generations (not that I do anything great).
The other times are when an idea is first introduced to me and I think, why not do it this way?

Worth a thought!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Furnitures of the mind

When I was a kid, I would observe my dad rearrange the furniture in our house every once in a while. It was the days of mostly movable furniture. Each rearrangement made our house look different. Every time he felt jaded, he would change the look around the house by moving a sofa here, a bed there and a table elsewhere. It gave us a new view each time.

The way we look at things, perceive things, do things are perhaps the furnitures of our mind. If we rearrange the furnitures of the mind each time we can perhaps change the way we look at, perceive and do things.

Are your furnitures movable or fixed?

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Market Rally

Amidst all the reports which said that the sensex will go higher and that this rally is different and how the fundamentals are better than they ever were, today there was a report which said one should sell off at the earliest. The authors of the report, think, in a nutshell that the current rally will lose steam soon. I hope it does not. Been a while since I saw my portfolio with the green of profit.
And the market tanked today as well (Friday).

New Look, buy me

"Now in a new look packing" screamed a product. Why would I pick up a product i wouldnt normally pick up just because its a new packing ? If its oil, I would pick it up if its better than the poly bags - something that can stand on its own and does not spill. If its soap, how does it matter?If the packaging adds value, perhaps I might try. But just because blue became red because of some corporate policy, would I ? Would you?

I too changed the look of my blog yesterday. Cool huh?

Friday, December 10, 2004

My secure computer

Its been a few weeks since I purchased a new computer.
A few days onto the net, my net access slowed down from a thin stream to a trickle.
Thinking it was my computer that was afflicted with a virus, I have armed it with all the possible tools. I have a firewall, a bot destroyer, an anti virus and god knows what other tools. Now, I feel secure.
Wheres that biometric identifier?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Debut

These are the first few, unthought words of a blog named "Think", later renamed to ''Cubicle Life". These are my random thoughts mostly originated as I work in my cubicle and if you have somehow, reached here; I hope you like reading this blog.