Sunday, January 23, 2005

Toothbrush anyone?

Recently, I shopped for a toothbrush. There are mindboggling varieties of toothbrushes, for a person, perhaps more than the number of teeth. Toothbrushes for canines, incisors and molars are the only missing part of a strategy by toothbrush manufacturers to get people to buy more toothbrushes.
Apart from the fancy electric toothbrushes and floss (which, despite the best efforts of marketeers, have not found a market in India), the range of "ordinary" toothbrushes is mindblogging.
There are regular brushes (no frills). There are ones with soft and hard bristles, circular ang angular bristles. Handles flex, sometimes the head flexes, sometimes it rotates 360 degrees and can do god knows what contortions. There are curves at the right places for holding it the right way or so they say. It was all to confusing for me, so I compared prices. I wasn't sure how much I want to spend on a toothbrush.
Finally, I bought a toothpaste which offered a freebie. No prizes for guessing, the freebie was a toothbrush!

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