Saturday, February 12, 2005

BPO and opportunity II

BPO,besides, contributing to a slightly underprivileged section of society also gives opportunities to another semi underprivileged section. The not so educated gang.
Now, dont get me wrong. Not so educated in the Indian context means people who are not post graduates or engineers or doctors or chartered accountants and we have a ton of those ( ask the IT industry, medical tourism industry, Gulf industries).
The average graduate who passed out a few years back had no job. The options were to become a clerk (underpaid, overworked) or join an IT training institute (paying a fat amount as course fee).
Today these guys are absorbed by the BPO industry. I have read a lot on how the BPO industry is a McJob which does not help in the development of individuals and how it will cease to exist in a few years.
For such comments, I have only one thing to say. First, if BPO is a McJob, what isnt a McJob? A clerk who pushes files? Or a teacher who parrots routine stuff ? Or is it IT (it can get boring here too). Atleast they have a good job. They dont end up working as waiters and rag pickers. Second, its a golden rule in life, make hay while the sun shines. So, for all those out there who think a call center is bunkum, ask those who join one, make money and get out. Many graduates I know have been to USA and come back. Who would have give them such an oppurtunity otherwise? In terms of raising confidence and self esteem of our youth and industry the BPO/IT has done much better than years of empty sloganeering.

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