Friday, February 25, 2005

Generation gap and the 'kids'

It seems just the other day that the generation gap was happening at our house. There was a big argument over why my hair should be short (and not till my shoulder). 'Cable' would be installed only when I completed my studies and we couldnt agree on the colour of our walls.

How could one generation be so disconnected from another generation ( the very next in fact)? No, we wont be like that.

Walking on Brigade road here in Bangalore, the other day, I saw a couple of kids (kids - there goes the first salvo). They were dressed in diagonal print shirts ( we prefer straight stripes or checks) that were quite short (ours were longer). Their cellphones had the tiny blue things which sort of dazzle the phone when it catches a signal. Their ringtones were 'loud'.

Wow! All this when I haven't even fully passed into the next generation. The gang with me, including me, who are in the same "just past youth (marketing jargon for over 25) were commenting on the "way these kids dress these days". We were dressed to be "cool" by our definition, in jeans and t shirts.

Generation gaps appear to have been programmed into our genes or is it that we are resistant to change?

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