Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mobile Marketing

Couple of days back I saw an Air Deccan ticketing counter at a local shopping complex in Bangalore. The ticketing counter was a van parked in the parking space with the Deccan logo all over it and operated by a couple of guys in the Deccan "uniform". This airline has simplif'l'ied flying for a whole new market, but this was a surprise. I think its a nice idea.
If you can't bring the Mohammed to mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed. For a lot of people, flying is elitist.
Once people find that an airline ticketing counter is commonplace, it may remove "the fear of flying". Sure, considering the cost of flying in India (even with Deccans reduced rates) is expensive, too many people may not flock to such counters and buy an airticket on impulse "I was shopping for potatoes, but bought an air ticket on my way back."
But each curious customer to the van means a possibility of him remembering Deccan while he plans his next trip.
I saw a neat Hutch mobile shop (and this shop looks good) alongwith the Nandini milk mobile at different places last week. But selling prepaid telephone cards, connections and milk on a mobile shop is different ( mostly in the amount and type of purchase) than buying an air ticket.

But then, Deccan has changed the rules of the game, so why not go the whole hog?

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