Saturday, February 05, 2005

Snail Mail

The courier guys and email and the cellphone have put another relatively useful service out of business (almost). The utility of a red letter box to drop "snail mail" has dropped drastically over the last few years. Email and cell phones are instant and almost always are never opened by anyone except the recipient.
Courier guys offer guaranteed overnight or second day delivery. Despite their low cost and good reliability, snail mail seems to be doomed until someone reinvents and reorients them to reality. Being government owned (often equated to being lethargic and complacent in India) doesnt help either.
This has another fall out. Britain recently phased out its last mail train. India still has its classification of long distance trains as mails, express, superfast and so on. The distinct red of the sorting railway car in the mail trains may find its days numbered. Or maybe reinvent itself in its new avatar as the railway cyber car.

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