Thursday, March 10, 2005

Online mania

Deccan airways launched a new service from Bangalore to Delhi with super discounted fares of 500 rupees. (This is lower than the railway cost). The discounced tickets were snapped up in half an hour.

Of late, says my dad, the queue for railway bookings seems to gone down a bit. He was able to get a ticket in 20 minutes flat. Ever since Indian railways has launched service, it has quickly become the largest "e-commerce transactor" in India.

In a place like India with long queues all over the place, e-commerce - a late starter (including sms and net transactions), has quickly scaled up to let thousands of people access information quickly.

If only someone got the bureaucracy (RTO, Registrar office, Taxes) online with probably the PAN No (or something similar) as a login, it may well be a beginning to break the 'baburaj'

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