Friday, March 18, 2005

Toyota Innova...

Took a look at the Toyota "Innova" on a highway. The car looks different, different from anything that we have seen on Indian roads. Its looks resemble a crossover vehicle, with the looks that pay obeisance to a salon, sedan, van and an SUV. But it does not fit in the stereotype of any single one of the "types". From initial reports, it looks as though there is good demand for the Innova.

Toyotas first offering, with looks that competed with trunk boxes, the Qualis, was a big hit because of its performance. Slowly people moved away from its looks to its real features, performance, much like the Santro did when it was initially launched. Qualis, today, is the mainstay of the cab industry and has left a void in that section.

It must have taken guts to withdraw a hit model (probably a first in India) from the market, considering that Tatas Sumo is still in the market (it was launched before the Qualis) or that the 1950s (or earlier) looking PAL and HM still try (with little success) to sell their outdated Premier Padminis and Ambassadors to this market.

Coming back to the Innova, it offers three row seating and can carry a decent sized family in it. Marutis offering on this platform - the Versa, Mahindras experiment with the Samcor have failed perhaps for the looks of the vehicles which had mini bus style looks. But it does look like the Innova can pull this one off. Unconventional, yet stylish looks with Toyota reliability and performance seem to be a great combination.

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Anonymous said...

Innova is a mini-van or a soccer-mom car as its sometimes called here, versa and tavera were ugly and bad attempts at a mini van. May be mini-vans might catch up to be family cars like they are here and especially innova as its from toyota-- u can trust the quality for sure.