Friday, April 01, 2005

My PC below INR 10K

Do you know what is Xenitis? Then do you know what is Aamar PC ? Does Aamchi PC ring a bell ? Or Aapna PC ? Nammo PC, then, surely should ?

If it doesnt, then remember that these brands ( each of Aamar, Aamchi, Aapna, Nammo means "My" in Bengali, Marathi, Hindi and the southern languages) are the lowest cost PCs available in India. It has created a market presence for itself in Eastern India and is well on its way to creating a name for itself in the other areas.

The PCs are typically Linux boxes with Open source office software. Whats even more incredible is the fact they manufacture their own hardware in India ( while the others are all into assembling PCs). Their base model sells for 10,000 INR (approx USD 225). They are not just assemblers who assemble and forget, but their machines come with onsite service warranty and all the frills.


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