Friday, April 15, 2005

Selling Pasta in India, ITC...

ITC, a company that is moving from its cigarette tagline into a host of other industries is a company that is serious about rebuilding its image moving away from cigarettes. Its a company I started to admire after using its products (Ashirvad atta, Biscuits) and reading about the good work with its e-choupal project, is onto something new this time around.

They are trying to make a dent in the Indian instant snacks market with their Pasta. Selling pasta to Indians? Yes, thats exactly what they are trying. I tried one of their flavours, the masala flavour and it tastes good.

Looks like they have got their platform right with the "No maida, not fried" tagline. They are also not competing directly with Nestles Maggi in the instant noodles segment, yet they are competing with them with a real product differentiator. Maggi has also launched its own "Atta" (Wheat) noodles in a retaliatory move.

Can pasta succeed in India, a market known for its finicky tastes? I think it can attract new triers given its health platform and if ITC can keep them hooked, they can really give Maggi a run for its money.

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bkbathija said...

dear neelakant, could u advice of somebody who could be intrested in export of pasta from india.