Sunday, April 17, 2005

Thoughts on a Sunday noon...India, China and infrastructure

In a typically incisive piece by the Economist in one of its recent issues about India and China, it says that if India and China are competing in a race, India has been lapped. Its not hard to see why from the article. I have never visited China nor am I a pessimist, but if we think India is going to overtake China, we are sadly delusioned.

There are atleast 2 flyovers in India's Silicon valley (there is more valley than Silicon these days here), Bangalore (flyovers, not nuclear reactors nor a mega dam project) that are in the making for about 2 years now. Roads are crumbling all over the place. As I mulled over the gloom, Infosys results appeared.

Infosys sets the pace to growth yet again. In its last Financial year results announced recently, it has done it again, with scorching growth. An architect friend of mine says typical timeframes for building an Infosys (or any IT campus) building from scratch is a few months. In this race between India and China, a few companies from India do well and will continue to do well, but as a country we are a long unpaved, crumbling road away from progress to an expressway. Copy pasting solutions from other countries may not work. We need innovative solutions to bring infrastructure up to speed.

Putting the above two things together and as seen from many examples, Indias private initiative is its strength. Why not let the IT giants handle infrastructure for Bangalore?

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