Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Train ride up Bhor Ghat

Heres a link to an article, written by yours truly, featured in Deccan Herald on the train ride up the Bhor Ghat. The Bhor ghat lies between Kalyan and Lonavla on the Bombay Pune line on the west coast of India. Its a glorious rail route with some 28 tunnels, old bridges and breathtaking views esp in the monsoon.

Bharat, as usual, has more to say

"Bhor was a pricely state 100 Kms south of this Ghat... This was one of the 3 main ghats developed by Satvahana to move the goods from the merchant ships from Mesopotemia, Syria & Egypt to Paithan their capital... The port of Karanja & Rajapuri was connected to this ghat.... There are buddhist caves right from these ports to Paithan in form of a chain... similar to Motels of Today.... The other 2 Ghats were Thal and Nane ... When the Brits came on the scene they converted the original Bor Ghat in to the railway Track... starting at Palasdari.... A separate motor track was created from Khopoli... which is still in use.... The Ancient "Kanifnath" Cave that has its entrance right above one of the tunnels... The only way to reach this temple is walking along the track!!!! "

This train ride is always worth taking...

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Venks said...

Neel, ur blogs are really lovely. I keep reading them for the tit bits of info, and the variety of topics it deals with. Many a comment I have attmpted to post have been held up by the vagaries of networks or work...

in any case keep up the good work dude.