Saturday, April 02, 2005

Travel thoughts 1

Just thinking about travel got me blogging away.

Travel, to me, is a time of introspection. Looking at the world through the window of a bus or a train (somehow, cars and planes do not seem to qualify) is a time to reflect. Perhaps on the landscapes passing us by, on what has already passed. Perhaps on the destination yet to arrive, on the events we await in our life. Landscapes that seem to mimic our moods after a nap...i can keep going on and on(The 2 am tea at the way side stall during a bus journey, is the wow! part of a journey.) On longish overnight journeys, the early mornings are a joy as the destination seems just around the corner.

Which is why my visceral hatred toward "video coaches" - the ones which will run a movie through a journey and prevent you from enjoying either a good nap or the journey.

Travel time to me is a period of mindfulness - just being in the present.

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