Monday, April 11, 2005

Travel thoughts 3

When I travelled as a 5 year old in trains, it was fun to look forward to the randomness of the person/family/group who would travel in the seat(s) next to me. As a teen and into youth, I hoped for a pretty girl beside me. Optimism gave way to scepticism a couple trips down the line. Today, I hope nobody disturbs me while I travel. Is this just a natural progression of age or is this something else?

In the earlier days, travel times used to be longer with a lot of boredom sprinkled over and we needed some company to while away time. Today with discman(s), cellphones, ipods and gameboys are we caught up in our own world not needing "company" ? These gizmos enable us to carry our world of security with us, but do they also cut us off from the real world surrounding us? Today, at the end of a journey, there are more cellphones whipped out to inform arrivals, than good byes to fellow travellers.

Is it difficult to make new friends due to our preoccupation with these "personal gizmos?"

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