Monday, October 19, 2009

Black tickets, anybody

When was the last time you bought a movie ticket in black? 6 years ago? 5? 4? And what happened between then and now?

Have the movies become so bad? Are less movies being released? Or people no longer watch movies@ theaters preferring instead the comfort of their homes? Or has the video-dvd-youtube-piracy combo killed movies? Or people fear visiting movies thanks to our terroristas who may be seeking revenge for a bad movie? (some of my friends suggest that a few recent movies would qualify).

Or has there been a proliferation of theatres that it is no longer necessary to sell in black? Or have all those multiplexes evolved their own pricing system to adjust to supply and demand? Or since we can all book tickets online or using mobile phones, it makes it that much simpler?

Now how about extending that to education? And doing away with reservations? If there are enough colleges with enough seats, would anybody really need reservation?


Jack said...

Bang on!

Debiprasad said...

Last time I saw someone selling black ticket was near Anu Ega theater in Chennai. We normally used to watch at Sathyam, and book tickets online. And for most shows, which we can able to watch considering the time, we can't get any ticket, if we have not booked it earlier. So that day we decided to go to Anu Ega and found that houseful too (Anu Ega does not have online booking facility, so we thought we will get some tickets). There we saw someone selling black tickets. So availability of online booking = no black tickets.

Now coming into education, if there will be enough colleges with enough seats, still people cry for reservation to get into the best ones. Even online reservations for those enough seats will not solve the reservation problem. We should say NO to reservation, but the question comes how many of use will do this?

L said...

I do not know abt Bangalore but in Hyd we still buy tickets in black. Less found in multiplexes, probably due to big ticket amt, but in other theatres I frequently find myself paying Rs.150 for a Rs.60 ticket.(e.g. Sensation). It is still a thriving market in non-multiplex theatres.
I think this will creep to multiplexes too in due time.