Friday, May 06, 2005

A comparison of Business headlines

Heres what we have at Financial express today
"Walmart to visit India on cusp of retail shake up"
Business standard (my favourite site for its look and feel) has, among other things:
"RBI eases banks dividend norms"
Businessline ( a paper which impresses on Sunday atleast) says:
"Pvt bank stocks buoyant as cap on voting rights goes"
And heres what the once venerable Economic times (amidst a flurry of pop ups) has to say:
"GenY pros are cool and hip in their corporate wear"

There have been rants elsewhere on TOI and Indiatimes elsewhere on the blogosphere (recently) and here.

If so many dont like the TOI group of newspapers, how come they sell so much. Probably force of habit. Second and this is my experience, the other newspapers dont arrive early ( or thats what the vendors say). But I am sure business readers are really not interested in the kind of reporting done on the ET website. Even the hard copy of the newspaper uses graphics and irrelevant pics and puns which are, as out of place as "Xtraaa innnings" in cricket commentary. But looks like it sells.


NC said...

well said, i think somehow the quality of content on TOI has gone to dogs.
Its just a good looking newspaper not something i would want to read i guess. More like a film magazine!!

Anup said...

I listened to the director of marketing for EconTimes a few weeks ago, and he was very clear that he is not interetsed in being serious about the news, but rather selling a feel good product. When asked that his content does not appear enough, his response was that people who want to read serious news should go elsewhere. ET and TOI want to put a colorful face on the news, and thats what they will do. The sales of ET and TOI are doing very well indeed. In short, he confirmed all my suspicions, and since then I have decided not to pay a single rupee nor to visit or link to TOI group websites.

Neelakantan said...

I think, when this is what the top chap has to say, thats it. I like the idea of not linking to any of the TOI websites (not that there is much to link there). Makes me wonder why the Indian express doesnt sell well despite good news content.