Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Digital cinema

Got this link from TP wired services, which talks essentially about theatres in the US would move to Digital cinema screening techniques soon. Also mentioned in the piece is the fact that these theatres would lure people with sharper images, better quality sound all of which a TV cannot provide. Heres some news of Digital screening in India.

That cinema has improved continuously into a great experience would sound ironic to those who would have heard that the video was supposed to sound the death knell of cinema. Video casettes could never recreate a cinemas magic. DVDs supplement rather than compete with cinema in more ways than one. Home theatres could have killed cinema, but only by so much. With the movie theatre becoming much more than just a theatre and more of a social outing, the two are now in different entertainment categories. With cutting edge technology, theatres are a force to reckon with than ever before.

Better technology ( and logicaly, better products, better services, better ideas) is the key to prevent the sinking of any product or service. For all those who think that quotas and restrictions are the way to save their profits, perhaps they ought to take a look at ways of enriching customer experience.

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