Tuesday, May 24, 2005

e-commerce = no queues

Of late, says my dad, the queue for railway bookings seems to gone down a bit. He was able to get a ticket in 20 minutes flat. Indian railways online service is a big hit and went on to become the largest "e-commerce transactor" in India. Deccan Airways online site, pipped it to the post just recently.
In a place like India with long queues all over the place, e-commerce - a late starter (including sms and net transactions), has quickly scaled up to let thousands of people access information quickly.
If only someone got the bureaucracy (RTO, Registrar office, Taxes) online with probably the PAN No (or something similar) as a login, it may well be a beginning to break the 'baburaj'.

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Anonymous said...

As far as internet is cutting down on babudom, thats true, gettin my passport renewed was not too much of a hassle, the whole process of gettin a drivers licsense remains a pain in the butt (talkin bout delhi here), e-commerce is making a slow start in India as more people rely on cash- becoming a credit card nation like US is still far ahead but atleast we are taking baby steps