Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Health food boom next?

Diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol. The diseases of the developed world are upon us.

The diet we continue to have is a relic of a more active past. Fried food served with oodles of butter, clarified butter, edible oil, lard are adding inches to our waist. The flour in breads is wrecking havoc on our digestive system. Sugar in the sweets for the festivals reflects on us as diabetes. Children, fed in the western diet are already showing signs of obesity.

The next logical step? A trend which has not really caught on to a big extent, is health food. Theres space for the sugarless juices (already launched), baked snacks (launched with limited success), more and more wheat based bakery stuff instead of flour ( this is kinda happening). There is space for sugar free sweets, sugar free bakes, low salt baked snacks, even some low fat fried items and some more experimentation on that front. Unpolished heart friendly red rice, jowar, bajra; our traditional food could make a comeback. Watch out for the health food boom.

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