Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I am lovin it...McDonalds ad

Mcdonalds India has started using a series of ads, which I have wanted to comment upon for a while. The ads are fantastic and simple with black and white images of old Bollywood stars (done by doubles) while they approach a McD counter. The punch line is "hamare zamane ke daam" (Prices of those days), done in the typical dialogue delivery styles of those stars.The one with Rajesh Khanna's double mouthing "Pushpa, I am loving it re" (in his typical delivery style) remains my favourite.

Heres the storyline of the one with "Dilip Kumar".

Of course, 20 rupees was really a lot in those days, but the ads put across the point quite neatly. As a self confessed ad maniac, this is one of ads in recent times that is really nice. Will it make me go to a McD, umm, lets leave that for later.

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