Sunday, May 22, 2005

ICICI Mini Visa card

I received a mini credit card from ICICI a few days back. After flipping through an accompanying booklet, I found the mini card. It also had its own snazzy box with a silvery key chain on which I could have all my keys along with the card itself. It said, this card is free for a lifetime without any annual fees. Even as I thought of throwing the earlier card out of the window, the fine print enabled itself to a bold print which read "This is an add on card".

The mini does not (not yet atleast) lend itself to usage on ATMs and perhaps on the primitive block credit card machine. All my other cards (debit and credit) are in their old sizes yet. I am not convinced that I should put my card and keys in the same basket. I am not convinced that I should carry one more key chain than the one I already have.

Neither do I see any point in carrying the mini alongside the bigger card. The mini card is nice to see, but it still sits on the shelf in its silver key chain, awaiting a decision by its owner, even as he is perplexed as to what he can do with it. Mini cards are hits abroad and ICICI is among the first movers in the mini card segment here.


Niti Bhan said...

Perhaps you cannot use it yet, but it reminds me of the grocery store savings cards in the US. You get a credit card size for your wallet and two with holes that you can put on your key chain. I rarely use any other but the keychain one to be swiped by the scanner.

Neelakantan said...

I have seen these cards and the key chain (as well as the mini card)card (if thats what it is called!) is a US concept. Perhaps the key chain card will work better than the mini card. But it is still to be launched in India.

Anonymous said...

the thing with those mini cards is that they are more likely to get lost.


CreditGal said...

Actually, it gets damaged really easily if you carry it on a key chain. That what happens with American store cards:)