Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ITC marketing synergy

ITC, the emerging FMCG company in India has some smart marketing up its sleeve.

On a recent stay at one of its properties, I observed how ITC uses its hotels to increase awareness amongst customers. Thankfully, there are no billboards and they use far more subtle methods.

There is a big jar of Candyman toffees at the lobby. Inside the room was a big packet of Candyman toffees. Usually properties do not stock candy and that too, at cost price (unlike the 500% mark up thats is usually seen). Candyman is marketed by, you guessed it. The matchbox in the room evokes some curiosity with its elegant design and name. iKno, the matchbox, is also an ITC product.

Smart idea.


Kaps said...

Any Sunfeast biscuits and Wills Sports apparel in there?

Neelakantan said...

Not yet! but like I said, their tactics are very very subtle