Monday, May 02, 2005

Mango man - aam aadmi

Aam (also) means Mango in English. Aam aadmi (Common man) is the slogan on which the present government which rules India came to power on. Since they came to power ( and before), there have been power cuts in Mumbai , Bangalore. If this is the state of the mango man in the commercial capital and IT capital respectively, think of the mango men who live in villages. So that the mango man can be benefitted (how?), road projects have been shelved ( the GQ is off schedule), scamster ministers are being protected, trains have crashed, scams have been unearthed, there is no change in the discomfort faced by the mango man at any government office and of course Bangalore has come about achieve a rural look and feel (no electricity, roads which only tractors can negotiate) so that the mango man feels at home.

From Garibi Hatao (get rid of poverty) to mango man, we have come a long time. For the mango man, this summer is a bad time. Desipte all the sloganeering that the UPA government is for the mango man, the mango man has found himself pulped, juiced and pickled.

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