Sunday, May 08, 2005

Marketing: Small freebies

Small things that make a difference.

Seen at a Cafe day express outlet. "You chose the sandwich, we grill it for you". Nice. Instead of saying, Ordinary sandwich Rs.15, Grilled Rs.35, and charging an obscene rate for "grilling" it says, we grill it for free.

Seen at an Indigo Nation outlet. I forgot to get it verbatim, but this is the gist. If you buy an item and want to use it immediately ( as they say, for a hot date or an interview), they will iron it for free.

At a suburban Bangalore Prestige smart kitchen outlet. The energetic salesman told us, while we stood with a pressure cooker lid and a malfunctional valve, "Just call us, we will come to your place and service it." Great brand ambassador, not for the message but for the energy. They also run a freebie scheme on their cookers, where one can get a small non stick pan free with certain items. Considering that the pressure cooker is a necessity in India and Prestige is an established brand, they need not give a non stick (teflon coated etc. etc.) pan. But as an idea to probably increase usage (and later) markets, a good thing. Customers like freebies in any case.

Small freebies like this, which are a welcome surprise (rather than the hackneyed purse, plastic bucket, some frequent usage card with obscure and often unremitted benefits and the like) do a lot more for "Standing apart from the crowd" than high powered ad campaigns.

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