Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One year MBA

ISB now has competition. IIM A has announced a one year, executive MBA. SP Jain is getting there too.

The fees at these insti's would be surely less than ISB. The faculty at these places may not be the star faculty that ISB attracts, but these insti's have very good faculty of their own. But are they really a competition to ISBs program? For various reasons, I think they are not in direct competition to ISB, but for those seeking a one year MBA, there are now more options. But if an INSEAD offered a 1 year executive MBA here, that would be something.

Are more such one year MBA's a sign of acceptance of the one year MBA by the Indian student? Or are they looking at getting in more experience people to do MBAs (considering that freshers form a significant chunk of most of the 2 year courses). Will this cannibalise into their 1 year programs (especially autonomous ones) or will this cannibalise into the 2 year programs of some of the smaller institutes? Will some students seek a 1 year MBA rather than go through the rigours of a 2 year program?

Either way, I think a 1 year MBA is a smart option. For students, for companies to send on a sabbatical, for institutes... Education in India will see more such specialist and superspecialist (super generalist, is perhaps, more apt) courses.

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