Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Travel, travel and travel

Open skies policy. Cheap airfares. New Destinations. Summer Heat. Kids have vacation. So what do you do? Travel. Travel and Travel.

And guess who is wooing the Indian traveller this time around. It is the biggies. Five star hotels, starting from the Taj are offering discounted vacations in Goa among other places provided certain conditions are met (Advance booking etc). Of course the hot summer is not exactly the right time to hit the beaches, but if discounts lure you, why not. Indians are being wooed bigtime to tour India. With the old system of going to native places for vacations on a waning trend, it is also the righ time to lure travellers to hit the road, rather, the air. It is not that we dont travel, internal tourism is doing very well over the past few years, and the biggies roll out the goodies to woo the well heeled.

Indians are travelling to neighbouring places like Sri Lanka, Singapore/Thailand, Middle east like never before which are actually cheaper to fly than say Bangalore-Delhi. This space is set to go to another trajectory in the near future.

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