Sunday, May 22, 2005

Weekend thoughts

Thoughts over the weekend:

Do we have a national infrastructure policy? I wish we did, so that infrastructure projects do not come under the nauseating habit of being overruled by change of governments (even from the same party). If fraud is suspected, then such dealings would be recovered from the concerned minister at that time and the company involved, but the project per se would not be affected. Dabhol and the NICE corridor are cases in point.

It has been a while since I stopped watching news on TV and switched to browsing the newspaper (like ye old days) and the net. Am I an aberration or a rule? I dont know, that will be for later. But, seeing trivial non events, like the ongoing reservation of 50% seats for a particular community (by now, we all know what the newspapers mean when they say this), dramatised and debated by "experts" is sickening. And in the absence of any hot news every hour (which is mostly because they are all reporting the same thing), newer experts flog the same topic until the next hot news arrives, sometimes in underpants.

Can we apply the tipping point in a different sense to traffic? Bangalore experimented with a zero tolerance zone on one of its prime roads recently and discontinued it. But I personally think it is a great idea if enforced correctly. There could be a cluster of such zones in a city(in areas of dense traffic) and our habits would be a lot more disciplined when drive in other areas as well.

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