Sunday, May 29, 2005

Weekend thoughts

Either I should carry my camera around or I should upgrade my cellphone into one with a camera. Saw this billboard for e-serve International, with a caption that essentially 'lured' Chennaites back to their home town ("Why pay rent when you can move back to Chennai"), which is where e-serve is located. While many Bangalore based companies go to Chennai to pick up people for Bangalore, this one is trying a reverse approach. Smart; especially given that the probability that a person returning to his home city is more likely to stay there than a peron going out of his home city to a new place.

59 mm of rain in a day (check average precipitation in Indian cities and check Bombay for a comparison of how less it rains in Bangalore) in Bangalore day before yesterday and the city was pretty much drowned. For a few minutes it rained in torrents seen only in coastal areas, which was the good part. Then, power transmission poles fell (yes, IT city does not have its stuff underground yet, atleast there are pole), trees held by 3 inches of ashpalt also fell. Kaput went the power. Roads resembled waterways and travel by boat would have been smoother than the existing roads.

Put the above two in perspective, add a high cost of living and I think Bangalore will lose its star status for IT very soon. Then our local politicians have to only worry about keeping slum dwellers and land sharks happy. IT and its jobs would have long gone off to greener pastures.

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