Friday, May 27, 2005

Whats with blue?

After a few posts on shirts, one more here. But this one is different (of course).

Take a cursory glance at the shirt rack and what is the colour that you see. Of course, there is white, there are stripes, checks and some other patterns. But what is the most common colour, whether on the rack or on the street? Blue! Striped blue, plain blue, dark blue, shiny blue - its all around. Season after season, generation after generation the blue is a favourite.

Why is blue such a favourite colour? Any answers? (I thought of some and trawled the net for a while, but couldnt get any answers)


Kaps said...

Although white and blue colour shirts have been the mainstay of a man's wardrobe the situation has changed over the years. With Allen Solly and other business casual wear brands making inroads and also bcoz of the impact of Software culture, the % of white / blue shirts in one's wardrobe has reduced drastically over the years.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog man,

You have the eye for detail. I have to go shirt shopping so will keep these things in mind.