Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Whats your sample size?

Radio channels, TV channels run polls to which viewers can and supposedly do respond via SMS. It can be something as trivial as "Will it rain today" to questions like "Is the Non aligned movement irrelevant". That the question itself is irrelevant is another thing altogether, but whats interesing is the answer (which is sought on SMS) and the way it is presented to the unsuspecting viewer.

Quite like exit polls, the answer is a triumphant, "67% (everything else is omitted) "feel that NAM is relevant or irrelevant."

Not a word on the fact that 67% is perhaps on a sample size of 3 or 40 or 500. To date I have not met a single person who SMSes answers to these sort of polls, so it is perhaps unlikely that respondents are going to be in thousands or lakhs or crores, but then again, who bothers!

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