Friday, May 20, 2005

Wireless google?

This time, a random thought by me, but I am sure this thought must have come often to most internet users. Having spent a good part of 2 days "unconnected" got me thinking.

If it were not for google, where would we be sitting in front of a computer logged onto the net?

Sure, there were a whole host of search engines. Na Jaane, kitne aaye aur kitne chale gaye, there continue to be new search engines, but the ubiquity of google is amazing. For me, its usually the home page. Want to find out anything and everything, do a google.

I miss google when I walking about. I am in an area and I want to know which is the "nearest", say, eatery or bus stop or shop, but without google I am lost. There is space for a mobile service of this sort.

Would I like to pay 6 rupees per minute for such a service, perhaps not. Would I, as a shop, like to pay for a service where I would be listed. I would think yes. More power to google and its likenesses which I think will emerge in the mobile space soon!


Anonymous said...

If you have a cellphone connected to the net you can google and find out watever you want wherever you are. The cost then would be the cell and the internet service

Jatin (

NC said...

great thought..i am sure its not too far when all cell phones are connected and you have access to all of these things.

I know many of my friends who hook on to R-world (reliance) to search for would be much better.