Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Brandscape Landscape...

Travelling is a great idea for blog posts. This weekend, I travelled to Kerala to my native village. As I saw the billboards that passed me by, I was struck by the difference of the highway billboards that stare at us in different places. Alongwith the landscape, the advertising billboards, that I call brandscape (I have no idea if this term means something else) also shows remarkable changes.

One of the things that I quote so often when I talk to people is a Tata Power billboard placed just at the point of entrance to Bombay at Manhkhurd, which used to say "Welcome to the city of dreams and dependable Power". Billboards all along Bombay are of brands we know. The Provogues, the movies, mutual funds, coaching classes, the TV channels and so on. Bangalore has, apart from the brands, many billboards advertising IT companies, recruitment billboards and so on.

Kerala, by contrast, apart from the painted images of filmstars, has many jewellery shop billboards, some adverts of sari shops and so on. Most of the brand names are local rather than pan Indian. It is quite different from many other parts of the country. While I thought about it, I realised that "brandscape" is quite different in different places.

The brandscape (the brands that dot the landscape, eyesore as they are), actually lets you feel the pulse of the place, as a marketeer (I am not one) and I thought this was an interesting comparison.

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