Thursday, June 16, 2005

Chowpatty and Forum

Visited the Forum mall in Bangalore over the weekend. Over the past few months, crowd (footfalls for them) at the mall seems to have increased exponentially. The whole of Bangalore seems to land up at Forum and its 11 screen PVR multiplex over a weekend. The McDonalds there has a queue, as does the Pizza hut and even the food court is crowded. Soon, there will be a queue to enter.

Notwithstanding a few parks Bangalore really does have only a few options for a stroll, compared to, say, a Bombay or a Delhi or even Hyderabad. Result: The few spaces worth an outing are crammed with people.

This is probably the "Chowpattization" of an outing spot. Chowpatty beach in Mumbai is frequented less by localites and more by tourists to the city. Like tourist destinations, the moment an outing destination is crowded, peope begin to seek other destinations. Nothing like an air conditioned mall to while time away especially in the scorching summer.


J said...

Let's drop a bomb at Forum shall we? :D

Neelakantan said...

Come to think of it, sounds like a great idea!!