Monday, June 27, 2005

Digital pics and studios

That the advent of digital cameras has made photography more accessible is in evidence for for some time now (see my Flickr flash on the sidebar). For those who can afford it, of course. Digital cameras are becoming more and more affordable and in tandem with the drop in prices of cellphones with cameras, taking photographs has never been easier.

In our earlier trips, we would cover an entire trip with one or two film rolls. Only one trip till date (a marathon one over half of Himachal Pradesh) covered 4 rolls. Thats was about 200 odd exposures over 12 days. With digital cameras, on my last 4 day trip, I took over a 100 pictures. It included random shots of water, trees, multiple group photos and stuff which I would never take if I had just an analog camera along. Thus many people can pursue photography as a hobby with just the fixed cost of the camera, unlike in analog times when photography was an expensive hobby with prohibitive D&P costs.

Digital lets me chose the pictures I want and lets me print at home with pretty good exposure. No running to the studio, each time someone wants a copy. With some simple manipulations, I can take passport pictures (the only reason other than Developing and Printing that I would need a studio) at my home itself. Some companies, like Nikon are already seeing the shift from film to digital.

Studios beware, your business aint gonna last long, except of course for the professional touch and niche services.

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