Monday, June 13, 2005

Fisher Price toys

Extrapolating the bicycle story, kids are today one of the biggest consumer groups. Pampered by parents and often, 2 sets of grandparents todays kids are more oriented towards brands and goods than they ever were.

Some days back, we were introduced to Fisher Price by a friend. They told us that Fisher Price toys are overpriced, but they are as child proof as it can get. We checked out kids toys at a store near us and found that there were quite a few good toys available from local makes to Chinese makes to Funskool to Fisher Price. It was easy to see what made Fisher Price attractive despite the price.

All rounded edges. Excellent design which makes it extremely safe to give to a child. No places where the child can stick his fingers in and get hurt. We picked up Fisher Price toys despite not having a clue about its brand except a word of mouth message passed onto us from a parent. I just visited fisher-price at their website. (The website is more than just a product repository and make quite interesting reading for a parent. Turns out, they are a Mattel Brand) Granted that childrens toys and accessories are some of the things that parents will never compromise on, even if it means shelling out a few extra bucks, but Fisher Price (I believe it is all imported, not locally made) brand has a story to tell every parent. Lots of lessons in it for other brands and not just in the toys market.

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Kaps said...

Good to know that Fisher Price is avlbl in India now. It is among the best in the world. Almost all the worlds toys (including Fisher Price) are made in China. For all you know other Chinese brands can definitely replicately Fisher Price in a few years time.