Friday, June 17, 2005

Indias print media runs scared...

Fascimile editions of newspapers are to be made available in India. And they cant carry advertising content aimed at Indian consumers. Ho hum. Thank god for the internet that we are not dependent on Indian newspapers. If the Indian media had its way, even internet sites of other newspapers would have been blocked.

Heres the piece from Businessline and a snip

...But the existing policy of disallowing publication of Indian editions of foreign newspapers would continue. "Indian editions have not been permitted because of apprehensions that the Indian newspaper industry will not be able to withstand the competition."...

To me, this sounds pathetic. The same newspapers which denounce the Swadeshi cartel, the SJM have lobbied to create the image that the poor newspapers in India cannot withstand competition! As if NYT would come up with a Hindi or a Tam edition or as if the TOI would be wiped out because Guardian opened an Indian edition.

Open up and fight the competition on your own turf.

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