Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kids bicycles and all that

Walk into an apartment complex, any apartment complex and let your eyes rove. Apart from the landscaped gardens, pathways, tot lots there will be one more thing that was absent from a similar landscape of a few years back. Kids cycles. During our days, much of bicycle learning was
through the cycle rent shop, where we rented out cycles for 50p a half hour or 1 rupee for an hour. There was the BSA champ with its trainer wheels, and some rich kids had it a generation back. Todays bicycles for kids are designer wheels. With carriers, colourful seats, plastic wheels, horns, Pokemon logos and whatnot. They have almost eliminated the once ubiquitous tricycle from the kids toy box.

That kids cycles are selling well can be judged from the range of kids bicycles on offer. Heres a look. Hero , Atlas , BSA for example.

As urban markets for traditional bicycles shrink and the bicycle moves into more of a luxury product in urban areas, kids bicycles are the first step. India is a fair while away from having bicycle tracks and trails, so the speciality bike market is still some way off, while the kids market is hot.

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