Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Of brands and ambassadors...

Every brand seems to have a brand ambassador these days. What is the big idea in having a brand ambassador? Vivek Oberoi may endorse Babool, but will that make a difference in whether someone like me will buy Babool? I mean, if I buy Babool, I would continue to buy it, even if Rajpal Yadav (no offence meant, the chap is a great actor) were the brand ambassador. If the brand quality is good, people will buy it.

A brand ambassador, with deft marketing and visibility, may ramp up sales in the short run, but in the long run, the product has to sell on merit. How may Versas were sold despite having the Bachchans to endorse it? How many Swifts are sold despite having no brand ambassador (I mean, even if there is, I am not aware of it. So much for hardsell)?

Sell the product, not the star!


Kapil said...

Brand Ambassadors are not always taken on the board with the idea to increase retail sales. They do more than just sales. They create a "wish" in the consumer mindset. Nobody buys wrangler jeans because John Abraham wears them. But they use his "image" to show the tough and masculine fit of the jeans. They create something called a "cult" around the brand.... I am no branding expert but thought I could share my two cents.

Neelakantan said...

Well, whether it is a wish, or an image or a cult, the idea is to increase sales. The two ideas cannot be mutually exclusive.