Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pathans, Thrissur, Kerala

After a weekend visit to Kerala, I have to put in a post for Pathans. No, it is not pronounced as in Irfan Pathan, but more with a Tamil/Malayalam accent. Local food is hard to get in popular tourist destinations, since the average tourist Raju wants Paneer Butter Masala and Roti everywhere. Kerala has been an exception (or maybe because I am so used to the place). Restaurants (not 5 star ones) in Kerala serve warm water, usually boiled with herbs (Dahashamani etc.) and most rice is Raw boiled (unpolished) red rice, unless otherwise mentioned.

For those who want to taste a Tamil/Malayalam cuisine, try out Pathans in Thrissur (en route to the bigger tourist destinations like Alapuzha, Kumarakom etc.) for meals. For about 32 rupees, they serve a mean feast, complete with tingling Kalan (calling it kadhi would be injustice), spicy rasam (it can clear throats!), red rice, a payasam (not those powdery substitutes) and udad pappad (not the lijjat variety), among other thins.

I am sure they dont need this plug, having been around for a long time, but the feast was probably one of the few feasts where there was great food and great value for money. Try it out sometime.

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