Friday, June 17, 2005

Spicy idea!

Keeping my earlier posts on low cost airlines in mind (Air Deccan, here, here, here and here) this one is again on low cost airlines which have booked in India. Spice jet has come up with a Bombay Bangalore rate of about 999 rupees. Add 221 or so as airport tax and its still a good deal. The Bombay Bangalore route has Air Deccan offering its 1 rupee and 500 rupee tickets;other than that the minimum price is about 2200.

For those who want to fly to Bombay from Bangalore (Spice also has a Delhi-Pune route), its a great "arbitrage" opportunity so to say. Fly to Pune, take a bus to Bombay. At peak hours, it could actually be a faster route. For those in New Bombay, it will be faster than travelling to Bombay airport given the proximity of the place to the Expressway.

Why doesnt an entrepreneur run a bus service coinciding with the timing of Spice jet? Or, why doesnt Spice offer this service in tandem with a bus operator.

It sounds like a spicy idea to me and perhaps many more such spicy ideas exist out there.

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