Thursday, June 23, 2005

SPOT the trend

Its a common scene in every city. The moment you get out of a long distance bus, bus-station, railway station or airport the taxi and auto chaps offer you a ride,literally as well as figuratively. Some of them may be genuine, but my experience has been such that I usually avoid those who solicit business this way. It is especially painful when ones reaches a destination say in the wee hours, only to be fleeced by these chaps.

Bangalore does not have the signature yellow taxis of the other metros, but it has a decent radio cab system. There are many operators who provide services on a call. I have tried quite a few, but the best seems to be SPOT which has answered my call at odd hours without a complaint or asking for extra money at the end of the trip. Their drivers are courteous and know their routes well. Just before we reached Bangalore via train at 3.30 am, we gave them a call and they were there at the exact spot at the exact time.

These chaps may well break the back of the fleecers. More power to such services.

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