Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Unfair in our favour..

The bus (or car) you are travelling in, just broke a signal. What do you? Thank the driver mentally for shaving a few seconds from the running time? Walk up to the driver and tell him to be careful?

Now lets say that we were in the opposite side and a bus(or car) breaks a signal. What do we do? Curse the driver of the vehicle which broke the signal? Wish him luck?

Most of us would keep quiet at best in the first case and curse the driver of the other vehicle in the second case.

We all want life to be unfair in our favour(as Calvin of CnH fame put it so succinctly in one of his cartoons) , so we are very happy if a few rules are broken so that our path is smoother, yet we resent if someone else does it while we dont get a chance to do the same.

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