Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Washington Apples anybody?

Apples in summer? In the peak of summer, apples are available all over India. This is not an isolated thing, it has been so for some years. They arent the regular Himachal apples; these are imported. Imported from US, Australia and elsewhere, these apples cost about 70 to 100 rupees a kilo and going by the number of shops which stock apples, sell well too.

I have spotted Washington apples, Gala apples from New Zealand and Australian apples (India is the biggest export market for Australian apples according to this businessline piece here). I havent yet spotted Chiquita bananas or Sunkist oranges. Apples for some strange reason (perhaps better shelf life) seems to the only fruit that is imported.

A businessline article here has some insight into this

...With most of the growing areas in the far north, the markets there absorbed the best and only the rest found their way down south....

If the north is "far" away, how is Washington US so near? Perhaps lack of cold storage facilities in India and perhaps because of the fact that it is summer now and winter is the season of apples.

If only we nurtured our fruit growing regions (Nagpur oranges, Ratnagiri Mangoes, Himachal apples, Satara grapes to name a few) with cold storages, better roads, they would realise better prices and we would get better fruits.


Niti Bhan said...

Not only that, soon we'd see them here in organic markets in the US. Just yesterday I was reading about tea gardens in India going "organic" to suit the global market.

Ankan said...

I am surprised that you haven't yet spotted the Chinese apples in the shops of Bangalore.
Just to put a small fact out here, China produces more apples than any other country in the world.
And as usual, US stores like Walmart are buying these apples and other associated products. So what happens to the poor US apple growers? They come to us!