Saturday, June 18, 2005

Weekend thoughts

I have a strolley. It is one of those suitcases with wheels at the bottom. Trouble is, I barely get to use it. So, asks me, why not design a strolley suited for Indian conditions? What will it look like? Perhaps more like a tractor.

One more person hit while crossing roads, this time bang outside my home. The obvious solution, build speedbreakers every 30 metres and let everybody travel at 30 kmph. The painful solution, which is better roads, is not seen by too many. Our highway makers and approval granters still see no wisdom in building roads with access control, roads, proper roads with underpasses, subways, signals, entry and exit routes instead of arbit pathways where vehicles and people enter and exit in any direction.

1 comment:

Charu said...

ah, Bangalore speedbreakers - a friend of mine once said, as you climb up them, you can actually feel the temperature drop...