Sunday, June 26, 2005

Weekend thoughts

NDTV runs this channel called NDTV Profit and it has an amazing half an hour slot for some Hindi programme on the share market on that particular day.

When I caught this programme between some hectic channel surfing with a cousin who was searching for some cricket match, it was at its best. As the correspondent was asked some question in Hindi about the market, he fished for Hindi words. Stocks, Bulls, bears, derivatives everything was in English and only the conjunctions were in Hindi and that too in a phunny accent! I am sure Hindi oriented viewers are queueing to watch this programme!! But do watch if you would like a few laughs. What would they call NDTV Profit if they launched a full fledged channel in Hindi? NDTV Fayda?

Theres this tele serial which my mother watches every day on Sun TV, by the name of Kolangal (well, Rangoli in Hindi, cant think of a meaning in English). It is about this teary eyed woman protagonist against whom Murphys law works overtime and her even more teary eyed sisters. The story keeps stretching like an amoeba in heat in ever different directions. At every episode the story moves as much as city traffic in half an hour, punctuated by breaks almost the length of the teleserial. Ditto for a similar serial by the name of Kavyanjali, on Malalayam Asianet. Why dont they know when to stop?

These may go on for the next 30 years, I think, as producers try and milk as much as they can out of them. How long will these soap operas continue till viewers lose interest in them?


Kuttan said...

Nowhere in kerala than these mallu soaps can you see people with so much suffering in their lives with all the odds in life stacked aganist them week after week.
Even more strangely the viewers of these soaps watch these shows religioulsy with teary eyes. If only someone found an efficient way to harvest these tears we could have solved the constant droughts in kerala.

Sunita said...

Just wondering where do they order their glycerine in wholesale. To stop this maybe one rumour of ill effects of glycerine may stop all this teary eyed serials.