Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Where are these small businesses?

As we move from a frugal economy to a consumption driven economy, some recycle and reuse driven old businesses are shrinking.

The bronze (or was it something else?) vessel polisher, who would polish the bronze vessels has been pushed off the street by steel vessels and non stick vessels. The cotton cleaner, with his characteristic sound (cannot write it in words) can rarely be seen on the street, what with Kurl on mattresses being the rage. The bhandiwala who gave vessels in exchange for old clothes is an almost extinct species. Knife sharpeners are rare since few people ever sharpen knives. The junk newspaper waalah is still around as are the plastic recyclers. Cobblers will be around for some more time.

But for how long? Our tendency to recycle things is on the wane following the trend of many economies on the way to development. I hope that we dont lose the fervour to recycle and reuse things in the journey of the growth of our economy. Big Bazaar is one of those who sees value in junk.

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