Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Amul - print ads design

While on Amul, I had to write about their ads, even though Desipundit did mention it . Their television ads have always (almost) managed to have catchy jingles (one from the film Manthan comes to mind) and the more recent "Taste of India". But this one is about their print ads, a set of ads which have been popular in India for as long as I can remember and continue to be so. The secret? Keep contemporary happenings in mind. They take digs at happenings (the recent reliance split), pay tributes to idols (Sunil dutt, Mehmood), congratulate achievers (Narain Karthikeyan, Sachin Tendulkar) all the while using the little girl as the mascot and keep in tune with contemporary events. They have billboards (I have seen them in Mumbai only) which keep changing almost on a weekly basis.

Amuls brand ambassadors have not been movie stars or sports persons, it has been the moppet itself. Yet their popularity of their ads and products have never diminished. The design of their ads is based on simplicity, some English (Hinglish is more like it) language puns, keeping in touch with contemporary happenings and just smart creativity. So easy to say, so difficult to execute in real life. Check out this link for more ads starting from 1976-77.
The ads of 2005 are here.
Heres the series of ads on events as diverse as the Boeing deal, Mallika Sherawat and Greg Chappels appointment as Indian cricket coach.

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