Friday, July 29, 2005

Annual report, Reliance Industries

Annual reports make for pretty dull reading, but there can be interesting stuff hidden inside these tomes. RIL Annual report for the year 2004-05 is titled "Growth is life". Here are some interesting excerpts from it.

The annual report says that Reliance contributes:

7.7% of Indias total exports (including deemed exports). Incidentally, it is Indias largest exporter and exports to the tune of 5.837 billion USD.
7.9% of the Government of Indias indirect tax revenues.
4.5% of the total market capitalisation.

The net profit of Reliance is about 1.7 billion USD. To put it in perspective in terms of the size of Reliance, remember that Infy, Wipro and TCS have each crossed a billion dollars in turnover sometime over the last 2 years and all of them are under 2 billion USD.

Reliance would rank thus in Global Rankings:
Largest producer of polyester fibre and yarn
3rd largest producer of paraxylene
5th largest producer of mono ethylene glycol
6th and 7th for Purified terepthalic acid (PTA) and polypropylene (PP) respectively.

Thats how Indias first and only private sector company in the 2004 Global Fortune 500 list stacks up.

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