Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cricket - in stadia advertising

Its cricket time here again, this time a tri series between India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Take a closer look at the stadium beyond the match during this Indian Oil cup. What do you see? Billboards of brands we are familiar with. There is obviously Indian Oil and their various brands (I cant see the synergy here between petrol and a cricket cup, but...). Apart from them there is Standard Chartered, Videocon, Nokia, Idea, Ultra tech cement (even the boundary ropes are theirs), Hero Honda. The brands are all Indian, save one or two. This is just part of the story that makes Indian audiences the most lucrative in cricket stakes.

But, wasnt this series being played in Sri Lanka? So where are the Lankan brands?

I could see Dilmah tea on both the players uniforms and on a few isolated boards here and there. Dilmah, incidentally is one of the more visible Sri Lankan brands and has a high recall among most cricket fans. Dilmah is now being (smartly) marketed in India (with almost zero advertising), if I am not mistaken, through Dabur. If I were a person who enjoyed tea, I would have tried Dilmah ( it has some exotic flavours) long back. But few others are ever seen around the stadia (during telecast, I mean).

Then again, if the audience is Indian (as it would be since the telecaster is Ten Sports), why isnt Sri Lankan Tourism advertising to its Indian audience?

Cricket is as popular in the emerald isle as it is in India, but perhaps the stadia gets more money from Indian brands. Crickets declining popularity in the Windies can be seen from the fact that there are no Windies brands advertising out here. It was sometime in the late 80s that I observed a certain 'Chemmanur' (if I am not mistaken) jewellers splashed all over a Sharjah stadium and I was taken by surprise then. But then they knew who their audience was.

PS: After the Prudential world cup and Reliance world cup which were smart moves with branding a cup being a novel idea, nowadays who remembers which is the Pepsi cup and which is a Coca Cola cup? Or if its a Hero Honda cup or even a Lux cup? How many people would refer to the current series as the Indian Oil cup and how many would refer to it as the India Lanka Windies tri series? So, why do corporations spend tons of money on becoming a me too brand for a cricket cup? Any answers?

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puremeteor said...

Possibly it is just to attract short term attention to their brand.